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kids and adults alike!

Arrange a private dinner...

with your very own personal chef

Introducing cookery classes

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Private dinners with a personal chef

We’ve always enjoyed getting together in the kitchen, chatting and tasting delicious food.

Now at Debby’s, you can do it in private with the personal attention of our chef. What more could you ask for? A little more carrot cake perhaps? Coming right up!

The menu for your exclusive evening meal at Debby’s can be confirmed at midday. Find out more about the possibilities and our conditions. Surprise your friends with a special occasion to remember.
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Arrange a private dinner

The ABC of fabulous vegan baking

At Debby’s, we enjoy sharing our secret recipes as much as we enjoy making them.

There’s nothing quite like cooking together: learn and enjoy while tasting our fabulous creations.

The grown-ups learn, and the kids have a great time as they begin to understand the value of different foods, how a kitchen works, and the magical effect that yeast has on muffins!

Workshop dates at Debby’s

Surprise your loved ones with a unique experience:
A customised, private vegetarian dinner,
with your very own personal chef.