A special occasion...

deserves a menu that caters for all...

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catering service.

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Catering for events

At Debby’s, we understand what it is to enjoy delicious food in good company.
We’ve designed a service to promote meetings and events that cater to everyone, where the food provides the perfect excuse to make memories.

Using our catering menu as a base, we’ll work with you to personalise it, creating a tailor-made offering just for you and your special occasion. Our snacks, starters, main courses and exquisite baked goods are perfect for sharing with your loved ones. We love special requests, and we’re here to help so get in touch!

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Corporate catering

At Debby’s, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.
Our commitment to quality extends to our customer service, our dishes and our organisational skills.

Business meetings, whether in-house or at special events, are the perfect opportunity to convey your organisation’s values. What could be better than welcoming your colleagues with an impressive, healthy and delicious cuisine that is as committed to the environment and the sustainable economy as your business? Personalise your menu and add a little seasoning to your corporate events.

Contact us to start taking care of the details, and we promise you they’ll love it.

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“Our objective is to provide a catering
service that everyone
can enjoy”

Débora Coimbra, CEO of Debby’s