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a new style of veggie

Ethical and mindful...

Delicious, original and to suit everyone

Welcome to wonderful food!

Welcome to


Real flavours, textures and aromas…
for everyone

We use artisan cooking techniques (with a little help from the latest gadgets) to cook tasty and nutritious seasonal dishes made from quality local produce.

We genuinely strive to emphasise the flavour, texture and aroma of every single ingredient, adapting recipes to make them vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free..

Our menu offers authentic cooking with something for everyone.

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To people and the environment

We are committed to offering unique and delicious vegetarian food that overcomes the limitations of food intolerances.

Our commitment is shared by everyone involved in making our food and ingredients: our team and our suppliers. Being veggie is a commitment to helping our planet and the way we use its resources.


A portion of joy followed by a slice of happiness with a sprinkling of contentment for good measure…

We love our job! Our greatest reward is the expression on our customers’ faces when they first see our selection of cakes.

Every day we try to spread a little bit of joy through our food. Seeing the happiness of someone who can once again enjoy chocolate… because it’s vegan, Is what keeps us smiling.

“Have a veggie good day”

We cook so that you have a good day, every day.
Enjoy our unique recipes and healthy baking, safe in the knowledge that not only is it delicious, but also ethically produced and made with respect for animals and the environment.
Enjoy a veggie good day – for you and for everybody.

Débora Coimbra, CEO of Debby’s